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  • Benelita Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    This double cabinet Benelita Sheesham wood shoe rack is perfect for big families as benelita's storage capacity is very good. Doors of the cabinets are given the horizontal slatted pattern. Above the left cabinet one drawer is made for keeping shoe material etc.
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  • Brainicia Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Simplicity can be elegant if crafted beautifully as this Brainicia shoe rack. With three drawers and a Jharokha style closed cabinet this provides you with the best storage capacity and utmost satisfaction. Made with solid Sheesham wood this is covered with honey polish though the shade of polish can be customized.
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  • Enshetta Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Style your entrance with this Enshetta Solid Wood Shoe rack. This wooden shoe rack is a perfect model of style and comfort together. In left side closed wooden door cabinets with three shelves and in the right-side drawer are given where shoe cleaning, shiner, etc. material can be kept and a comfortable seat where just sit and comfortably wear your footwear.
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  • Frinicia Solid Wood Shoe Rack
    Frinicia is a simple and conserving Sheesham wood shoe rack. This shoe rack consists of three closed shelves. As these shelves are closed it protects footwears from dust and moist. Honey polish is used on the shoe rack.
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  • Grinilia Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Make the entry of your home stylish and organized with Grinilia solid wood shoe rack, a fully covered structure with lots of storage capacity. Doors of the shoe cabinet are looking tempting. Made with premium quality Sheesham wood this cabinet is sturdy and covered with mahogany finish.
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  • Hemlin Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Hemlin Sheesham wood shoe rack is perfect for those who want a simple structure with a less obtrusive setup. A simple rack with three open shelves so, a quick view can be given to the footwear. Easy to maintain and use.
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  • Spayta Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Make your entry organized with this simple solid wood shoe cabinet. The top of the cabinet is kept plain and simple which can be decorated by some artistic piece or with flower vase etc. Spayta guarantees longevity as made with solid Sheesham wood and for protecting the wood premium quality polish is used. Many other shades of polish are also available.
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  • Spinivia Solid Wood Shoe Rack
    Spinivia rectangular shoe cabinet is a modern shoe cabinet and matches with every type of interior. On each side of the shoe unit one drawer for keeping shoe material is made and below the drawers, two open shelves are made for giving a quick view to daily wear footwears and in middle one closed wooden door cabinet is made for keeping your expensive footwears and on top of the cabinet, very comfortable seat is fitted.
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  • Sputana Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Sputana is a modern style shoe rack. Two drawers are given for storing footwear accessories. In right-side one cushioned seat is given so seat comfortably and wear your shoes and one open rectangular shelve is given for keeping shoes and for giving a quick view to your footwear.
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  • Spynac Solid Wood Shoe Rack
    This Spynac solid wooden shoe cabinet is very alluring. This comes with a big sized draw below which cabinet is made and on the right side, one comfortable seat is given and beneath the seat, a cabinet is made and the door of this cabinet is eye-catching as the Ceramic tiles are used on the door.
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  • Stloyn Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack
    Level up your interior with this stloyn Sheesham wood shoe rack. A soft comfortable seat fitted on the top and below that two drawers and four open shelves are made that display all your footwear. The fabric of the seat can be used as per your choice and so the shade of polish.
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  • Swizzena Solid Wood Shoe Rack
    Swizzena is a traditional rectangular shaped shoe rack. This closed cabinet style shoe rack is perfect for protecting your footwear from dust and moist. Small wooden elephants are carved on the cabinet doors which is looking amazing. The shoe rack is made with solid Sheesham wood which makes the rack sturdy and durable.
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  • Traillin Solid Wood Shoe Rack
    This fully covered Traillin shoe rack is an elegant shoe rack. Perfect for those who want a less obtrusive setup. On the top one pull out drawer is made and below that two hydraulic drawers are made just push the drawers and you can give a quick view to all your footwear.
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Make your shoe-zone dust-free by installing a unique wooden shoe-rack

So now you already have a small shoe-rack. But have you thought of those extra shoes which remain littered on the ground? They become dusty, and they also make the floor dusty and dirty especially during the monsoon. Now you can buy solid wooden shoe racks online from a host of products that are available on online furniture portals. The right shoe racks with a single wooden box pattern or double or triple racks can be an ideal choice for your home, especially if you have more shoes to store at a time. You can go for solid wooden furniture in open racking variety, or else, you can also choose wooden cabinets and store your shoes in them. If you buy a solid wooden shoe rack, then you must keep the shoes in proper order. Those of daily use must be on the top, and those that you wear seldom must be kept in the racks below.

Choose solid Sheesham wood as the primary material

When you buy solid wooden furniture online, you need to check the durability and the overall finishing of the product. shoe racks come in different varieties, and with the right wooden racks and designs to look for, you can surely go for an eclectic wooden furniture collection from Dream Dekors at their online platform. You can keep the solid wooden shoe rack in front of your main door, and for a change, you can also keep it in one corner of your drawing room. The right wooden variety will give your guests ample space to keep their shoes in a proper place, and even expensive shoes will remain safe from dust, dirt and external moisture accumulation. You should check how many pairs of footwear can be included as part of the shoe racks and then buy a wooden shoe rack accordingly.

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