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  • Astonica Solid Wood Arm Chair
    Astonica is an astonished chair. The backrest of the chair is oval. Legs are designer and tapered but sturdy. The chair is well cushioned and also on armrest small cushion made for utmost comfort and this is also looking beautiful. This oval-shaped chair gives a touch of royalty.
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  • Brakkit Sheesham Wood Dining Chair
    Brakkit is a simple chair. The backrest is rectangular and two horizontal slots are made on the backrest for a delightful appearance. Stretchers are given between the front and rear legs for longevity. The seat is very comfortable as made with the premium quality fabric and foam.
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  • Canteline Solid Wood Dining Chair
    Canteline is a timeless chair it goes with every type of interior. This is a simple chair, the legs of the chair are solid and the seat and back of the chair are very comfortable. The finish of the chair and colour, print of fabric can be customized.
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  • Caplets Sheesham Wood Dining Chair
    Caplets are very stylish chairs as capsule design on the back of the chair makes it stylish. These are dining chairs but these look good also without the table you can use the chairs with or without a table. The only material used in making the chair is Sheesham wood.
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  • Capta Solid Wood Dining Chair
    Structure of Capta chair is very simple, back of the chair is half open and backrest is rectangular and between them, three slots are given, spindles are given between the front and rear legs making the chairs more strong. Walnut polish is used on the chairs, some other shades are also available.
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  • Garnixa Sheesham Wood Garden Chair
    Presenting you the Garnixa chair for making your garden more beautiful and more stylish. This chair is perfect for having a cup of tea or relaxing in the garden. The backrest and seat of the chair is the same. This is a folding chair so it is easy to shift and move the chair. Stretchers are given between the chairs for sturdiness.
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  • Grafita Solid Wood Dining Chair
    Grafita is a modern chair designed according to the trend and style. Backrest gives a dash of difference with the touch of elegance. The seat is kept broad so, it makes sitting comfortable. Walnut polish is used on the chair giving it a bold look.
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  • Pristeer Sheesham Wood Wing Chair
    Presenting you the Pristeer lounge chair which gives your room coolness and you comfort. Quilting is done on the back very beautifully and neatly and the quilting is looking mesmerizing. The armrest of the chairs is round. Legs of the chairs are small, front legs are designer and rear legs are simple. This upholstered bedroom chair gives your room an alluring look.
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  • Saggerant Sheesham Wood Arm Chair
    Saggerant is an elegant piece of furniture. The backrest is rectangular. The armrest is a single curved band. Legs are designer and solid. The cushion on the backrest is of printed fabric and on the seat is of a single colour, cushions are also given on armrest which is looking delightful though colour and print can be customized.
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  • Smerreta Solid Wood Wing Chair
    The structure of the Smerreta lounge chair is simply beautiful. On the back of the chair beautiful upholstery is made and this upholstery is eye-catching. The seat and back of the chair is kept broad for making the sitting comfortable. Legs are very small, front legs are designer and rear legs are simple.
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  • Splax Sheesham Wood Arm Chair
    Splax is a classic Armchair. The armrest of the chair is broad and simple and backrest is also plain. Legs are tapered but strong. Wood is only visible in legs as the whole chair is covered with beautiful fabric. Different colours of fabric and shades of polish are available.
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  • Squinlic Sheesham Wood Dining Chair
    Squinlic is a classy chair. This is an eighteen check high back chair and the back is slightly curved. Spindles are given between the front and rear legs to make it strong. Walnut polish is used on the chair. You can pair this with a dining table as well as a study table.
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  • Stanlac Solid Wood Dining Chair
    Presenting you the Stanlac chair for sheer style and elegance. This is a high back chair. The backrest is curved with slits. Front legs are simple but the rear legs are very stylish as the rear legs are half curved and jointed with the backrest which is looking stylish and making the chair sturdy.
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  • Sterita Sheesham Wood Wing Chair
    For providing you utmost comfort and making your room look classy we present to you the sterita wing chair. Legs of the chair are very small but the back is high. Seat, back, and armrest of this bedroom chair are very comfortable. Wood can be seen only in legs as the whole chair is upholstered with the premium quality foam and fabric. The Colour of fabric can be customized.
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  • Sterlix Solid Wood Wing Chair
    Sterlix is a very elegant piece of wing chairs. Like all other wing chairs, this is not a high back chair, this is a low height chair. legs of the chairs are tapered but strong at the same time. The seat of the chair is thick and comfortable. Both sides and back are of the same height. It enhances the beauty of the small room. The printed fabric is used in making the chair and can be customized.
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  • Streppit Sheesham Wood Dining Chair
    Streppit is an eye-catching chair. From ears to legs, the chair is perfectly built. The backrest is square and what attracts the chair is the brass fitting in the backrest of the chair. Honey polish is used on the chair. You can pair the chair with a dining table that we leave up to you.
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  • Talentina Solid Wood Dining Chair
    Talentina is a high back dining chair. The back of the chair touches the floor, in the chair, there are only front legs as the long wooden back is given in place of rear legs. These chairs go with every type of table and make the dining stylish so, if you have a table at home then buy these chairs and complete your dining set.
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