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    Brizza Sheesham Wood Wardrobe
    Brizza is a vintage wardrobe with a heavenly storage capacity. Below the hanging rod, two big shelves are made and beneath them, four drawers are also made where you can keep your accessories, etc. With the square panels, the doors of the wardrobe are extremely leveling up.
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    Crizana Sheesham Wood Wardrobe
    Crizana is a traditional style wooden wardrobe. This is a very heavy wooden wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe hanging rod, open shelves, drawers are made for increasing storage capacity and organizing the stuff. This closed double door wardrobe is built with Sheesham wood which is known for its durability.
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    Krystan Solid Wood Wardrobe
    Krystan fully covered wooden wardrobe is an alluring wardrobe. Zig-Zag pattern on the doors is making the wardrobe alluring. Hanging rod, open horizontal shelves, and drawers are given inside the wardrobe. For making the wardrobe durable and strong the wardrobe is built from the solid Sheesham wood. Browse and choose the shade of polish you want for your wardrobe.
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    Muline Solid Wood Wardrobe
    Muline is a simple but elegant piece of wardrobe furniture. This closed-door wardrobe protects your clothes and other valuable stuff from dust and keep them safe. On the lower side of the wardrobe, one big sized drawer is also made which can be pulled with the two nobs attached to the drawer.
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    Offer Price ₹30,999.00

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    Solicin Solid Wood Wardrobe
    This sleek style solicin wardrobe is very spacious as along with the hanging rod there are big open shelves that increase up storage capacity. The horizontal slatted pattern design on doors looks amazing. This wardrobe is built with premium quality Sheesham wood which makes wardrobe strong, sturdy, and durable.
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    Striphin Sheesham Wood Wardrobe
    Stiphin is a compact wardrobe. It occupies very little space and is a very solid wardrobe. Doors of the wardrobe are looking eye-catching as the ceramic tiles are used on the doors and it is also giving a vibrant look to the room. Built from the Sheesham wood this is a sturdy and durable wardrobe. Walnut finish is used on the wardrobe perfectly goes with every type of interior.
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    Stripina Solid Wood Wardrobe
    Stripina is a regal piece of wardrobe. On the doors brass 'L' and 'T' are fitted. This wardrobe has 12 small cube style shelves and a small drawer. This solid wood wardrobe is very heavy and strong as it is built with Sheesham Wood. Honey polish is used on this Sheesham wood wardrobe.
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    MRP ₹79,799.00

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    Strobby Solid Wood Wardrobe
    Strobby is a Stunner piece of wardrobe. Niwar Patti design is made on the wardrobe. In the cabinet, Three open shelves and three drawers are given and below the cabinet, two drawers are made that can easily be pulled out with the brass ring. Honey polish is used on the wardrobe.
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    MRP ₹47,199.00

    Offer Price ₹39,999.00

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