This is how it's Done

1. Wood procurement

All raw materials are sourced from the approved suppliers to ensure standardisation & best quality .The solid Sheesham wood needs to be procured at an optimum level of dryness to avoid worm and termite. It is a two step process: Firstly raw material is chemically treated to prevent it from worm. Secondly it is seasoned at very high level of heat to avoid moisture in raw material.

2. Cutting & panel making

Here our skilled craftsmen brings the wood into shape & structure of the product you have ordered by slicing the wood into lected size to match the furniture specifications.

3. Sanding & Premium Finishing

Our skilled & experienced Polishmen gives the tone & finish to the product you have ordered. Sanding is done which helps to eliminate any scratches, cuts or flaws in the wood. Sanding is also needed in order to ensure that a wood stain seaks in to the wood surface properly. Wood is stained using solvent based strainers as per the colour selected.

4. Inspection & Quality Check

Supervisors stringently check the furniture for dimensions, design accuracy, finish quality, raw material used & exactness of the wood finish.

5. Multi layered packaging

Each & every piece of furniture is packed with four layers of packaging. All corners of product are additionally protected & void spaces are filled using filling material to ensure minimal transit damage.

6. Safe delivery

All furniture is shipped using our trusted & dedicated trucks & containers.


We Have Dreamy Ideas For Every Room.

Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Bed Room Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Study Room Furniture

Study Room Furniture


From Design to Delivery, Leave it to the Experts

Create a Beautiful Home, Just the way you want it.

The wooden finish Dining Tables

The wooden finish Dining Tables

Dining tables act as an attractive unifying source for all the family members after a tight schedule. People, nowadays, consider getting one essential and the wooden ones serve the purpose at its best.

The Dependent Sofa Sets

The Dependent Sofa Sets

A thoughtful design emphasizes on quality over quantity. A room intricately designed doesn't need to be bombarded with a lot of accessories. A statement sofa can work well to adorn your living room magnificently.

Coffee Tables Crafted in Sheesham Wood

Coffee Tables Crafted in Sheesham Wood

The metal tables have had their day. Coffee tables crafted in Sheesham wood flashing an appealing natural texture are too good to ignore. Such tables can act as an elegant addition to the living room of the house.

Looking for Bulk Pricing

Dream Decor: choose the best quality furniture online

Sardarshahar is a small part of northern Rajasthan and this place is known as the best destination for customized wooden furniture. Leading furniture suppliers & stores are available within this city and you can find some finest furniture manufacturers in Sardarshahar. Dream Decor is one of the reputed furniture manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, and we are mainly dealing with wooden furniture. Situated near Mahila Mandal in Sardarshahar Rajasthan, Dream Decor is now selling furniture online. Here you can find the best of our products at factory rates and you can pick the product of your choice to get them delivered at your doorstep.

Choose the best furniture manufacturers and suppliers from Sardarshahar

Making and designing wooden furniture is an art and it can be done by professional carpenters. Dream Decor is a brainchild of a renowned carpenter who has the art of furniture designing is his soul and generation. “Yesterday is today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream” – with this belief, Dream Decor has established a positive footprint in the international home decor market. We do not compromise with the quality of the furniture because we know the value of your assets that you want to collect from us. We have various clients around the world including online shopping portals, stores, govt. agencies, offices, the Indian Army and some private organizations. We cannot include a long clientele on a single webpage because we believe in quality, and not a blatant promotion with brands. With Dream Decor, you are choosing the best wooden furniture manufacturer from Sardarshahar, Rajasthan.  

Why would you choose furniture from Dream Decor?

An excellent piece of craftsmanship by our creative minds has made us a popular brand, and we are very proud to announce that we have some of the best skilled and experienced craftsmen in our team. With their new ideas, innovative thoughts and knowledge, we have made a huge collection of furniture online. You can find some Indian traditional arts in retro style wooden furniture and they are no more available today. At Dream Decor, you can find such Indian traditional arts and craftsmanship, and you can decorate your home in a traditional way with our exclusive range of wooden furniture.

We have in-house seasoning and chemical treatment facilities for wooden furniture and we can preserve our wooden furniture from wood, worms or warping. We should preserve forests and prevent cutting woods in an illegal way. Dream Decor does not procure wood in an illegal way and we always collect woods from forests through a legal process of lumbering. After collecting hardwood from forests, seasoning treatment with the chemical is done by our experts, and then we process the wood to design your customized furniture. With Dream Decor, you are buying the best wooden furniture online.

Why would you buy furniture online?

Do you have enough time to spend on furniture shops? Plus, furniture shops have limited stocks and they can show you a few variations. In this regard, you must rely on online furniture stores and here you can find all kinds of furniture with a few clicks. Dream Decor is one of the leading online furniture shops where you can find sofas, beds, dining tables, wardrobes, cabinets, wooden chairs, bar cabinets, console tables, bedside tables, wooden accessories, dressing table, bookshelves, center tables, sideboard, boxes, bar chairs, office tables, wall-mounted cabinets, shoe-racks, corner table, clocks and lots more. You can find all our furniture online at www.dreamdekors.com. On our website, you can choose the furniture according to their category and you can buy your favorite furniture online with a secure payment gateway.

A piece of Well-designed furniture not only helps you to decorate your home, but it can also add flexibility to your lifestyle. For example, you can choose our storage solutions like cabinets, wardrobes, and wall-mounted cabinets to keep your rooms neat and clean. At Dream Decor, you can find some traditional wooden furniture online that will reflect your taste, and we have different types of furniture made with hard or softwood, engineered wood, metal, and other composite materials.

As an online furniture selling company, we know that services and after-sales services are very important and we always value our customers. We pay attention to each minute detail of our customers and our dedicated team will track your order until it shipped at your doorstep. While traditional furniture is outdated, and contemporary designer furniture can add more luxury to your rooms. But people can blend both the modern and traditional designs to decorate their home, and here you can find all types of furniture that suit your taste.

It is suggested to check the picture and read the description of each product before you buy it. You can measure your floor area where you need to install the furniture and then you can order for the same from our website. Apart from that, you must choose the furniture according to your room layout, and you must leave some free space between your door or windows and furniture. Better, you choose the furniture according to your wall color, and you can make a contrast with our solid wooden furniture.

If you have a large space in your room then you can choose our Indian traditional large size furniture, and you can buy our modern sleek furniture for your small rooms. Even you can decorate your new office with our exclusive workstation furniture and we can assure you the best price with quality furniture.